Xerox® AltaLink Multifunction Printers with Xerox® ConnectKey® Technology

It’s another day, and another stop of my whirlwind tour to visit every one of our regional centers around the globe. As director of worldwide operations, it’s my responsibility to manage our digital transformation and make sure we have the right systems in place to support both office based and mobile workers. We recently upgraded to the Xerox AltaLink family of multifunction printers and this trip has helped me fully appreciate what a wise decision that was. AltaLink multifunction printers are built on Xerox ConnectKey Technology, a complete mobile ready system. Easy to set up and ready to work. It’s like our team has its own workplace assistant. That extra productivity really counts for a mobile workforce and I should know. For example, with mobile print I can print instantly from any mobile device without downloading software using print at print by, it is as easy as sending an email and it’s free. Or how about tap to pair for your NFC enabled phone or tablet? It doesn’t get any simpler. Every AltaLink has the same big smart tablet user interface we can customize by device, fleet, or group to keep the functions and apps we use most right up front. The Xerox even has an online app store, the App Gallery you can access right from the machine to add more time-saving applications. When we need to print securely, documents are held at the printer until released with a simple swipe of an RFID card. And with ConnectKey’s benchmark security, enhanced by our partnership with McAfee, security is never an issue. With so many locations and mobile workers, we relay pretty heavily on the cloud for document storage, it’s no problem to print or scan to or from any of the major cloud repositories. Some of AltaLink’s capabilities are downright astonishing, like Xerox Easy Translator service. We can scan or send a document for instant translation in any one of 44 plus languages and that’s just one example. As Xerox Managed Print Services have really helped us make giant leaps towards greater efficiencies and operational savings with their productivity tools and cost controls, just one more, of many things to be excited about. In fact whichever of our offices I’ve visited this trip, I’ve seen that excitement and team members energized by AltaLinks ConnectKey technologies. Like me, they know our digital transformation will make them more successful, and make us more competitive. So, onto the next stop for me and for my company

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