What is the future of content marketing?

Carrie Osman: It’s been wonderful to be here today in the heart of Soho Delving into the dark roots of content marketing, which is what I’ve been speaking about Jeremy Waite: I’m basically the preacher for IBM Watson So we were talking today about the future of AI and what the implications of that are for Content marketers and people are trying to build relationships faster with their customers Freddie Ossberg: I was here today to present a keynote Called your content is stuck in the land of bland which is a summary of a study we made on 500 European C-suites, and how they consume through leadership from brands Carrie: I think obsessing over the stakeholder is really important. I love the quote Do you want to stand on the porch and bark or do you want to go and run with the big dogs? What would my principles be? I think do less and do it better If you put everything you did in a year on a wall, would you be really proud of everything? And if there’s something you wouldn’t be proud of why are you pushing it through your organization? Stop, regroup, and go for the big things and be brave about them Jeremy: The thing they loved about the research, when I was talking to Freddie before about it He used a gorgeous term when he gave his presentation about survival of the prettiest I loved the fact that the interface of how people engage with stuff – with content – is the most important We’ve got to break down complicated things into very simple language And we’ve got to be able to communicate that to executives in that language that they understand Now where we go wrong is by Assuming that their attention spans are very short because what the research also seems to be showing is that if you give someone Good enough content they’re going to sit and read it Freddie: In an era where 5% of all content produced by brands is getting 90% of the engagement Not enough companies have a strategy in place for how to be the 5% Rather than being panicked by the Reality of content consumption especially by the C-Suite And figuring out the proper strategy for how to get noticed and get engagement The typical response is just to produce more and hope that it will stick Hann Chung Ho: what surprised me was the Difference in approach between the long-form content versus a visualization It’s quite interesting to see that see C-suites are more interested in the long-form given that our Intuition seems to be that we have short attention spans and actually we should go much shorter Vee Baker: what surprised me most today was the preponderance and interest in mobile We knew that mobile was getting stronger, but to find that that was the number one factor that was really news for us that we need to take back Freddie: I sometimes tell clients to think of another mature content creation discipline, e.g. the movies The only movies that make the money, get attention and engagement are the big blockbuster movies You don’t want to be direct to VHS in the content marketing world. You want to be the blockbuster within your industry

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