What is a Digital Marketing Specialist? Oahu, Hawaii

What is a digital marketing specialist and
community market leader? Those are two crucial things you need to know
if you’re in the market to Sell your property. Hi, I am Fawn Bertram with Homes by Fawn and
Hawaii Life. This is video #2 of a 3 video series. What is a digital marketing specialist? Let me tell you. I’ve had extensive training with hundreds
of hours on proper placement on multiple platforms online. Now, 87% of buyers start their home search
3 – 6 months before they’re actually ready to make a move. Only 1% or approximately 1% of Real Estate
Agents know how to properly market and expose your property to the masses. Think about that, less than 1%. They’re going to tell you oh yeah I’m going
to put it on hundreds of websites. Well what that means is, they’re going to
put it in the MLS and whoever is affiliated with that MLS is going to be IDX out and so
they’re going to get that and that’s really kind of it and most agents will call it done. But if you mess up on that first entry, it’s
going to be syndicated to all these websites and it’s nearly impossible for you to go out
there and change it and correct it. Now, I do that as well, however I take it
a step further. I just use that as a bonus. A part of my plan is, I target a market and
then I re-target based on engagements. I use Google analytics, I use several analytics
from several websites to find out exactly who is in the market for properties and then
I follow them around on the internet. So if you have a house, just like you go to
Amazon and you want to go buy a watch and then you go two websites over and that same
watch ad comes up on the screen and you’re like how did the know that? Well yours truly, if somebody is searching
for a home in the area, my Ad, your home, is going to follow them all over the internet. So it’s going to be on the top of their mind
at all times. That’s just one of the things that I do differently
that everyone else is not. And they may tell you they are but I have
the statistics to back it up. Number 2, I will also do a digital open house. Now if I try decide to do a typical open house,
typically your agent is going to phishing for buyers. You know, maybe they can get both sides of
the commission or a buyer who is not represented by an agent. It’s not about that for me, it’s about making
the most money for you and getting it into your pocket. So if I advertise for a mega open house and
let’s say I get three groups or 10 groups of people to come through your door, I could
do a virtual open house and I can get over 10,000 people to see your property on the
inside. I have numbers and statistics to back that
up and it’s growing everyday. These are just a few things I do differently,
you want to learn more? Call me and let me show you what I can do. Fawn Bertram with Homes by Fawn. I am a different kind of agent and I would
love to help you sell your home for top dollar and fast. Make it a great Home Buying and Selling Day.

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