Top 10 Digital Marketing Tips to Drive Leads for your Aesthetic Medical Practice or MedSpa

Hello this is Francis Acunzo the CEO
and founder of Acara Partners and Reach Beyond Marketing i’m here today to talk to you about the top-ten digital marketing tips to drive leads to your
med spa or aesthetic medical practice ok let’s start number one and the most
important really is an impactful website this is the foundation to your digital
footprint first off it has to be optimized thus it
needs to be embedded with the right keywords to bring people to your site
and to find especially through natural searches find your site so these
keywords should be conditions they should be services they should be treatments that
you offer and they also need to be geo locators so it’s like Chicago and or
greater boston because people search those two things together next it has to
be responsive okay you need to make sure that your website looks great and is
very impactful visually on a desktop you need to make sure that when you’re
looking at an ipad it still looks great and it works comfortably for the user
and once it goes down to an iphone or some type of handheld device it also
responds down it becomes almost button so it’s a click to call and it makes it
very easy for the user to work and find and then search your website and get
around your website and lastly your user interface has to be strong so you need a
navigation that is easy and comfortable for the user user we always say don’t
have deep dives to find something you shouldn’t have to click five or six
times to get to where you want to go the usual user should be able to click one
two or three times to get to the point that they want to find information okay number two is email broadcast you
need to be collecting and gathering emails from your client the base now they need to be opted in
which means that the client or the patient needs to agree to be placed on
your email list thus to receive news and or information from your practice there’s two types of email broadcast
that we work with one is a e-news e-news is sort of a an aggregate a gathering of
all of the different information that you’re putting out there digitally so it may be a something about
a recent facebook post it may be information about a recent blog post it
may be before-and-afters on a special promotion that you’re running and it
points to your website so each one of these posts points to a section on your
website on your facebook on your blog so that you’re you’re really aggregating
your digital footprint footprint into your e-news we recommend those go out at
least twice a month and for the people that don’t open any news you should extract that list and then
send them the e-newsletter again with a different subject line next we like e-ads we call them these are jpegs of some very specific promotion you may be offering they could be the
monthly promotions you said one of the beginning of the month hey here are the monthly promotions for
the month of august or they could be an event join us for Botox days or for
educational seminar that we have coming up so e-ads can be very effective i
would recommend probably no more than twice a month with e-ads and focus
those on events and/or a set of promotions so e-news again remember
you want to make sure that the list is a list that is opted-in you want to send
them frequently but not too frequently where they’re opting out of the list
because they feel like they’re being spammed make sure the news is
educational informative you can put promotions in there that’s ok that’s
informative but it just can’t be all about the promo ok so number three of the top
ten digital tips is online news releases these are like magic fairy dust and the
reason being is it’s incredible the amount of visibility you can get with
one news release online news release sometimes it gets picked up a hundred
times a hundred and fifty times by different online news centers so we
highly recommend you use these on a regular basis we think at least
bimonthly at least six per year but if you do it 12 times once per month that’s
really fantastic so these news releases they need to be timely it’s not about promotions if you try to
launch your promotions through an online news release the online services are
going to kick it out it’s not news it has to be something like a new staff
member in addition or an expansion of your practice possibly a new device with
new treatments are our services that you’re launching so make sure it is
actually news that the audience are interests the audience would be
interested in listening or or reading about next you can optimize these news releases
alright so embed them with the keywords that you think people are
searching to find what you offer you can also embed your website right into the
bottom of this online most online press releases news releases definitely embed
links so you want people to be able to jump to the bio of the physician jump to
the before-and-after photographs the other thing that is really great is
when you can embed images and videos right into the news release especially
video we’ll talk about a little bit about that later ok number four facebook right hey if this was two years ago it
would’ve made the top 10 list it was a year ago and they squeaked into the top
10 list now facebook has become this marketing
machine for businesses like ours you want to first off before you start
leveraging your facebook make sure you have a sufficient number of likes we’d
like to see a thousand likes or more on a page
before we start actively spending money promoting the page and post in other
ways in which we advertise on Facebook so use promoted page to increase your
likes go after the target audience 20-minute drive time is perfect female
go after the female demographic definitely you’re going to try to put the age range
into a 35 – 64 type age range and so promote your page to your demographic
and to the audience that you want to like your page once you’ve done that
once you have a thousand likes or more begin to do things like promote a post
so if you have a post that you think is very interesting and you want a broader
audience to see it promote it put twenty dollars on it and see how far that gets
you also facebook ads can be very successful
and you know we typically will average a hundred fifty to two hundred dollars per
month with facebook ads for our clients and it really really drives the leads to
the client and helps increase business the other thing is special offers make
sure you put up your special offers there’s a section for that and events
make sure you do events and you list your events on facebook as well there
are so many different ways that you can leverage facebook it really is
interesting that it’s become this marketing machine to generate leads for
aesthetic medical practices and and med spas ok number five other social media in
addition to facebook there is Twitter there’s Instagram there’s pinterest and
there is LinkedIn now Twitter Instagram and Pinterest have value ok for the consumer but linkedin and I
put it up there only because i want you to be careful with linkedin the value of
LinkedIn is more about building a business community and it helps when
you’re looking to recruit people to your practice to work for your practice not
necessarily to buy services treatments procedures from your practice but the others twitter instagram
pinterest can work nicely to communicate your message now keep in mind with
twitter you’re talking to a younger audience so if you’re looking to promote
faceless no i wouldn’t use twitter if you’re looking to promote laser hair
removal laser lipolysis you could use Twitter to gain awareness same thing
with instagram tends to have a little bit of a younger audience that 35 or
younger type audience pinterest tends to be all ages and skews probably a little
bit older and definitely female and it’s very visual so it’s a great place to do
before and afters pictures of your practice of events and things of that
nature so there is a place for this other social media it doesn’t drive
leads quite as well as facebook but don’t ignore Twitter definitely and test
instagram and pinterest for your practice you may see some good results alright number 6 is consistently
adding content mostly this is on your website you want to have a continual
flow of information for your digital footprint the best way to do this write a weekly blog post alright this is great content it’s
actually seen more as news versus the commercial aspect of your website and
Google will rank you higher for news and so it’s great to be adding on a weekly
basis a blog post about you know anything that you think it would be of
interest to your clientele to your patients it might be about a new
procedure it could be about a new employee it could be about comment on
some new trend that is happening in the world of aesthetic medicine so just
consistently add content to the website through blogs the other thing too is you want to
update your monthly promotions section of your website this is done once a
month now it make sure you have it on the first of the month please don’t
go ten days without doing it there’s nothing worse than having old and stale
information on your website it just shows you don’t care or a it’s
just that it’s a bad public impression that you don’t want the other thing too
is have your employees up on the site your staff but make sure you keep that
fresh as well as soon as you have a new employee put a picture and their bio up
on your website as soon as somebody leaves you take them down of course
updated treatments and procedures this is great content to add make sure
when you’re doing updated treatments and or procedures like you add a new
treatment you want to add whole page to your website you want to have
before-and-afters you want to have benefits and features identified for
that treatment and then you want to have a Q&A section question and answer
section on the procedure or treatment as well those are the critical elements
when adding a new treatment procedure thus adding more content to your website ok number 7 online listings it’s very important to have a pretty
aggressive online listing program because it really expands your digital
footprint some of the more popular ones Yelp Google Plus healthgrades real self
vitals you don’t want to forget Google my business if you do you claim your
business with google and then also put you on the map which is very important
one thing that is also key here is make sure that your citation how you’re
listed name phone number physical address is exactly how it’s
listed on your website on every single one of these online listings because if
you use the word sweet sui te on your website but use the word or the
abbreviation ste on your listing google won’t be able to match those together
and you want to have google that the dots and know that these are
all your listings and these listings are feeding into your website which is
helping with the optimization of your website as well so don’t forget have a
list of top online listings make sure you keep them up to date with the most
recent information i would check it at least every other month each listing and
make sure that if you added new procedures added new services if you
have staff members listed and you’ve added new staff members update your
online listings keep them fresh alright number 8 paid online
advertising, paid online advertising is pretty incredible it’s like a faucet you
turn it on the water comes out you turn on more more water comes out turn it off the water stops well think
of those leads okay you turned on a little bit spend a
thousand dollars outcome leads turn it on more outcome more leads turn it off and
those leads will stop so you want to identify how you’re going to &
what your budget is going to be and how you’re going to implement online
advertising the one thing that we like to work with his google adwords it’s the
most common and the easiest to work with we are running i think at any given time
about 85 different individual campaigns to help our clients increase their leads
for patients and or clients the other thing is banner ads on some of
these online listings you can use banner ads there’s also online publications
where you can buy advertising to be shown on the online publication but
really number one Google AdWords make sure you’re leveraging google adwords to
get the most leads possible and monitor it and whoever you’re working with that
does your google adwords campaigns make sure they’re giving you good reporting
either monthly or bimonthly so you know what’s working what’s not working change it up if it’s not working then move over to a different procedure
or service if it is working test increased budget so you can get
even more leads number nine is video alright video is the highest converting
type of content that you can actually put on your website on youtube on vimeo
out there in the digital world alright it is the highest converting medium to
use we highly recommend it most people shy away from it you know they say seen as being too
expensive to produce or they’re just not comfortable with this medium but
honestly video you’re watching right now is so easy to optimize it’s so important
to start using video you know it Garner’s audience excitement it gets
them more interested much rather see something and and watch it then then
read it you know you can tell me all about that procedure but if you actually
show me parts that procedure or I see a real person that speaking to me it’s
much more engaging it increases to customers understanding of your services
your your products that you offer you know video is on track to account for
seventy-five percent of all traffic by 2020 so it’s just becoming more and more
important jump into the world of video have video produced for your practice
utilize video that’s been produced by vendors that you may do business with
and leverage that on your website on your facebook pages through other social
media so get on the video bandwagon ok it’s very important ok number ten landing pages and micro
sites right you know your website is very critical very important but if you
want to get one single focus message across sometimes having a separate
landing page or expanded a little bit more a microsite less than five pages can be highly effective
now don’t do this for low revenue procedure or treatments you
want to do this for more of those high revenue procedures or treatments
CoolSculpting sculpture laser lipolysis those types of procedures that you know
1500 3000 5000 facelifts 10,000 12,000 15,000 dollars each okay so have landing pages and
microsites for these higher level procedures that you’re looking to
actively promote now make sure the responsive make sure they’re optimized
just like your full-blown website ensure that you have all the good
information that you have on your website also on this features and
benefits before-and-afters photographs Q&A questions and answers as well and
also have a lead capture system built into the landing page and or the
microsite what’s great about these smaller sites they’re fairly quick to
launch and you can still test them and watch how they’re working for you and
you can take them down if they’re not working or you can more highly optimized
them if they are working for you alright well thank you for joining me
today for these top 10 tips on digital marketing hopefully it’s been
informative one thing i didn’t mention throughout the webinar is that I
did not put these tips in level of importance one through ten i would say
actually number 2 through 10 are equally important number one being your highly
optimized impactful website is definitely number one so make sure you
work with your digital marketing agency review all 10 tips and ensure that it’s
in there incorporated into your digital marketing program to help increase and
drive more leads to your practice thank you

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