Real Life Technology Predicted by Star Trek

Greetings fellow earthlings today we’re going to talk about the technology within Star Trek that has become true today. Star Trek is known for predicting tons of technological achievements, such as: cell phones, bluetooth, flat screen tvs, Skype, iPads, and talking computers. “Hello computer.” All of these gadgets exist in the Star Trek universe far before they became a reality and now we’re gonna update you on the new developments in technology. The first item on our list is something you probably already heard of “Virtual Display” AKA Google Glass. In Star Trek members the super evil group “the Dominion” didn’t bother using flat screen monitors to surf the web but trippy looking headsets with one eye piece that projected computer imagery through their optic nerve and into their brain. They could watch streaming video of the outside of the ship, receive messages., and video chat with other evil Dominion leaders just like Google Glass. Next, let’s revisit a classic that finally being made today. “The Medical Tricorder.” That would prove to have virtually no limitations in terms of scanning It is most famous for its ability to diagnose pretty much anything. “Sever theta radiation poisoning.” Today’s equivalent of tricorders are capable of diagnosing most ailments. in the human body without needing to see a doctor. Just by placing on your left temple, the Scanadu Scout can provide results for pulse transit time, heart rate temperature, blood oxygenation and more. Diagnosing anything from abdominal cramps to shingles, it’s quite an upgrade from your thermometer. Next up on our list, an overlooked essential for all interstellar space travel. “transparent aluminum?” what do you think space windows were made of? When the Enterprise crew traveled back to 1986 Scotty handed over the formula for creating the super-strong, yet incredibly thin glass that proved to hold up against nearly everything the universe threw at it. “That’s the ticket laddie.” Due to Scotty’s interference with the timeline, the transparent aluminum armor is now marketed as “Alon” by the Surmet corporation. The armor can resist a fifty-caliber armor-piercing bullet and anti-aircraft weapons all while being half the weight and thickness of typical bullet-proof glass. Okay, let’s move on to something that will truly change your life. “Computer, one slice of New York cheesecake” “The Food Replicator” It’s the biggest menu, the fastest delivery, and will probably make you gain fifty pounds if you owned one. The food replicators featured in Star Trek reproduced any food stuff programed into it’s database with a single voice command. “the replicator to make anything you desire” “How do I know what I desire?” The real version looks like this! Okay, it’s not quite as fast but it’s freshly made food at the touch of a button! Just recently, NASA has commissioned a design of a 3D food printer capable of making pizza… in space. to satisfy the indulgences of astronauts… which is the best use of tax dollars. Happy with our list? “NOOO!” Well, we can’t please– “NOOO!” Calm down… thanks for watching! Subscribe for more wonderful things.

73 thoughts on “Real Life Technology Predicted by Star Trek

  1. 1:08 – Looks really cool. What is that called (today's equivalent of a tricorder)?

  2. Predicted?? It's science. They didn't predict anything. They makers of star trek love science and knew science very well, therefore they knew what could be possible in the future, its also propaganda in a way. By them saying it was predicted is covering up the fact they already knew how science would evolve, science fiction is my favorite. But it's total propaganda because they base every thing on REAL science, it's not fiction. Fiction should just be pure imagination and unique ideas. Don't be

  3. Think about it. Example, stargate(my fav. show) is total ancient astronaut theory propaganda. "Gods" are aliens. Just the opposite is true

  4. last starfighter did googleglass first back in 1984, than came dragonball Z in 1989; DS9 didn't come out until 1993

  5. No automatic sliding doors?  No 3-D printers?  No PADD?  And a few years ago scientists successfully teleported light particles.

  6. Well we also do have teleportation, although currently we are able to teleport just individual particles, and a form of an invisibility cloaking device that bend microwaves around it and object, rendering the object invisible in the microwave spectrum. There is are also infrared stealth technology used on tanks as well. 

  7. I don't think Star Trek predicted the future. People probably got ideas and made concepts off of the technologies shown. They got big and now are used by lots of people.

  8. It's always interesting to hear new technologies in real life existing after Star Trek and are basically invented by Star Trek.

  9. It inspired people to develop real-life devices, like personal computers, cell phones, medical devices, even space ships like shuttle. When we put our mind to it, we can achieve anything.

  10. I would say the food replicator doesn't technically count though.. it's 3D printed food, yes. But it's printed from pre made ingredients.. replicator synthesized the actual molecules of the ingredients..

  11. Me and my dad have been talking about this for YEARS!!!! Like the motorola flip phone… We laugh about these things constantly!

  12. the food replicator was first "invented" on the Scooby Doo cartoon decades ago, but i think it needed to have bananas inserted in one end to reproduce any food on the other end.

  13. and not a couple weeks ago, a blind man was able to see changes in light, albeit at hyper-lo res, but still, it's amazing how star trek has pretty much seen all of this coming. 

  14. It's pretty awesome and funny that Star Trek, Star Wars and Science Fiction in general really has been predicting the future of technology. I don't know what we would do without them. Lol. Even NASA is working on a real life warp drive which is really awesome, we will finally be able to travel in deep space beyond our solar system or even our galaxy in almost light-speed!

  15. YUS! I LOVE STAR TREK! It was also voted the most memorable on MeTV. Am I the only person who watches this?

  16. They forgot tablet computers/iPads…. remember the pads they carry about they even called them pads!
    ….. and tablets and phones now have apps that can diagnose medical conditions just like a Tricoder!

  17. Its not just a food replicater it replicates anything they want , that is why their is no need for money in star trek


  19. O.K., this one is obvious to me, but no-one else seems to have noticed it. Has anyone seen those coloured blocks that were used in the original series to store computer information, and were hot swapable? Aren't they a bit like modern USB flash drives?

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