Plans advance for 42-acre waterfront market in San Pedro | ABC7

[Music] hey there I’m Philip Palmer and this is I witness this there’s a groundbreaking set for early next year for a waterfront project in San Pedro the San Pedro public market announced it has secured 30 million dollars in equity financing and it is undergoing an environmental review so they’re doing all the dotting of the eyes and crossing the t’s but if everything goes according to plan this massive 42 acre town square and promenade is expected to open in the fall of 2021 so you’ll have to wait just a bit the new waterfront project will be located where ports of call village once stood also Tyler Perry officially christened his new studio a massive complex that is in Atlanta Perry is making history is the first African American to own a major film studio it was a star-studded event made Atlanta the place to be over the weekend as the top names in entertainment gathered they all wanted to congratulate a once homeless Perry who is now at the helm of his own movie studio oprah winfrey’s samuel l.jackson Halle Berry Whoopi Goldberg they were just some of the stars who attended that 330 acre sprawling complex once served as a Confederate Army base and finally ABC is going under the sea we’re getting our first look at the actors all dressed up in Little Mermaid live the broadcast will merge the original Disney movie with the live musical performances on November fit so mark your calendar Moana star Ali Crowe valio will sing as Ariel Queen Latifah is Ursula Shaggy is Sebastian you’ll also see John Stamos and Graham Phillips performing Disney is the parent company of ABC 7 I’m Philip Palmer and this is Eyewitness this hello I’m Mark Brown click the ABC 7 logo to subscribe to our eyewitness news YouTube channel

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