People raging (and failing), on games,internet,computers and other electronic stuff (compilation)

*Just a man grabbing some paper* *He gets onto the table on the printer* (Is he gonna print his butt?) *Printer starts scanning* *He falls* (You know, just your average day worker working) *smash* *smash* *smash* *smash* *smash* *smack* *smash* *smash* *smash* *angry growl* *smash* *smash* *smash* *smash* *smash* *smash* (There are people watching) *smash* *smash* *smash* *pushes the laptop from the table* *stomp* *stomp* *stomp* *stomp* *stomp* *a beep* (Yup, your fired) *beep*’s going on? *Your fired* (Yunno, I don’t understand what she’s saying.
Someone from the community please translate this) *This dude’s going places* *smash* *smash* *smash* *smash* *smash* *smash* *smash* *smash* *smash* *smash* *She backed away* *He throws the telephone away* *Ok, this is too much! *Music playing* *Keyboard clattering* *He’s gonna type up a storm* *He ticks the keyboard to the beat* *He’s typing up a storm* *He fails* Fucking love to do! OOOOOH! *Realisation in 3, 2, 1… Yea, um… Look what I did So fucking well! Looks like I’m retarded! (Finally someone understands) Well, that is just bullshit! What I’m trying to say is: ‘Fun Fun’ *I can’t understand that!* I can’t get a fucking land! This shit’s fourteen or seventeen! *F-bomb* ‘Are you done?’ I- Goddammit I’m losing my patience! *F-bomb* Your kid- Judge, judge! *Flips table* Fuuck! Fuck this shit (?) Fuck you! What the fuck? *hits head with his keyboard* *swears in sweden* Dul, varti sultan’s jävlar (god fucking damn it) *hits keyboard* You doing? NOO! You can’t do that! Do something! Come on! Oh, don’t you dare! NO! NOOO! You SUCK! You finally got a chance, you hit YOURSELF! WHAT THE HELL?! (Well, if something bad happened to what you have printed, that doesn’t mean you have to smash your computer to little bits, if that’s what your about to do.) (Well, he… well) *ded* UUUUUUUCK! *When you know the Mondays are back* (Did he just… O_O *When you fail your exams* F**king dammit! ‘Hi Brad! Whenever when we broke up last week? Well, guess what?! I went into your e-mail and changed your password! And look what came in! This StarCraft2 pedicure shit! I remember how much you REALLY wanted this when we were going out Because you love video games SO MUCH I deleted the FUCKING e-mail! And guess WHAT?! YOU’RE never gonna GET this shit! You’re NEVER gonna FUCKING get it! Because I fucking hate you, Brad! Your a fucking DICK!’ (Burn!) Alright guys, I played a prank on my brother today. F**k! Oh my fucking god! Oh my goooooooooooooood! What the FUCK?! That’s fucking it! *He bounched that sh*t* Fuck this game! *smacks computer* *smacks keyboard* *punches it 3 times* *smacks computer off the table with it* *proceeds to kick it*

100 thoughts on “People raging (and failing), on games,internet,computers and other electronic stuff (compilation)

  1. I feel like you should just have real clips. Most of them were fake (I know you know), I feel like the videos would be improved without actors.

  2. I really can't believe some people like this "kid" at 3:25 still exist !!! A fat, tall, four eyes old man behaving like a kid for a card game??? That's so inmature!

  3. The pink bitch at 1:31 kept dragging her phone down few times and was going to do that. The guy nearby can't manage his rampage, then smashing the fucking phone. If i were him, i would do that to. What an indiscreet woman!

  4. Guy: breaks monitor

    Monitor: Wh-hh-yy?

    Guy: Proceeds to try to play game

    Me: u have a great monitor

    I died laughing

    (I also subbed) would be helpful if u subbed to me!?

    Its a 2:48 btw

  5. If you are the original poster of this compilation
    Show us the entire fucking clip next time and not Fucking loop quarter of it
    Edit: 6:00

  6. OHH I feel that girl at 8:24! I'm almost 70 and I hated that feeling but when she hollered, she let out a ton of rage. LOL I've raised two kids who turned out okay. I'm with that.

  7. 2012: …

    2013: not yet…

    2014: no.

    2015: don’t even think about it.

    2016: eh, no.

    2017: maybe?

    2018: still not yet.

    2019: perfect.

  8. lmao 6:20 calling him fat online…he has no idea that what he thought would be online only,,,,is reality for the fat fuck outside the game!!!! Fuck this American fat fuck should play less do some excersise more!!!Fucking obese piece of shit!

  9. 6:02 yikes.
    rip that kid
    over a game
    why would you do that just smash the keyboard at the kids face
    that guy is on drugs

  10. I've destroyed 2 Razor Death Adders raging….
    First one was $60, the second $40. (sale or something)
    When I start to feel the heat in my face, I know now to just back off.
    Be damned to destroy my corsair k95 Plat or Razor Chroma.

  11. 5:40 "Why does it say 'Paper Jam' when there is no paper jam?! I swear to God, one of these days I'm going to kick this piece of S**T out the window!"

  12. what ru doing?
    I'mm gonna run it over with my car!
    you don't have a license…
    I don't have a car either… Someone 'll run this piece of shit over…

  13. The kid around 4:38 was very relatable. I haven't played video games since circa "SNES," but I get like this sometimes when I'm driving a car or watching the news.

  14. People will sit there and watch ppl do whatevet they doing then fuxkin cower when the person comes near them. Anoyying af. Especially dumb bitxhes

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