Man Tries to Pay Water Bill with Cocaine

a Florida man has attempted to pay his
water bill with cocaine at least that’s how it’s
being reported by the Daytona Beach news-journal police are looking for a man who showed
up dropped off an envelope filled with cocaine at the city’s water office he reportedly
walked right up to a clerk and handed her an unmarked envelope that
contained a clear plastic bag with three grams of cocaine in it
according to NBC Miami this is typically the counter where
people come up to pay their bills so one point of view Louis is that it was an attempt to actually pay the
bill the other point of view was that the guy maybe thought he was supposed to
drop off drugs for someone at that location and %uh nobody figured out how to now
very strange story I I can’t imagine anyone thinking that this would be okay in in
any situation I mean if it was a drop of why would it be in a in a public as city a building like that its a revisar yet the man was wearing a t-shirt and
shorts and he came in right before 10 a.m. a few days ago and handed the cat the envelope over
walked out got on a bicycle and just left you know
Louis I i actually once tried to pay um pay my electrical bill with five
chickens and they didn’t accept that good surprisingly enough you know the good news for his guys you
left on a bicycle so no one could really get his plate number in and run that the craziest thing is everyone knows in
florida you can only use math the pay for those bills not cocaine that
that was really the amateur mistake that the guy made I hear bath salts are also widely
accepted I

47 thoughts on “Man Tries to Pay Water Bill with Cocaine

  1. I think he was trying to get rid of the drugs. I could really see that happening. Sometimes you really need to get rid of some drugs. Maybe the cops are on to you or, maybe you got dope sick and cannot stand to look at the drug, or just good old fashioned paranoia.

  2. I've done lots of cocaine but I'd never tried to pay my bills with it. Dayum people in the South are stupid. They shame all of us.

  3. PS you boys are so god damn cute. Young and intelligent is a rarity these days. OMG you're making me spread your names and its not even funny. xoxo CL =)

  4. I'd say it was a mistake. Drug dealers often use mules to handle their drugs and money, this guy probably got handed 2 envelopes, one with the check for the water company, the other containing a sample of Juan's latest shipment. They won't find the guy who did this because Juan probably tied him to the bottom of one of his smuggling submarines as punishment for making him look like an ass in his big deal.

  5. No David No! He got confused and was using 80s currency (cocaine) instead of the newer Bath salt / Meth currency. Oops, honest mistake.

  6. If the customer service is anything there like here at my water company, he may have been just trying to hurry up the hold time for people calling the water company.

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