Joel Greenblatt: “The Little Book that Beats the Market” | Talks at Google

73 thoughts on “Joel Greenblatt: “The Little Book that Beats the Market” | Talks at Google

  1. Did you guys actually watch at least half of the video or just complained about the "Uhhs" and close the window?

  2. Great presentation. It's ridiculous that some complain about uhms. I haven't even noticed them. But that maybe because I actually payed attention to the content.

  3. Yes ! I am 20 years old and I am proud of myself for seeing this video!
    Now where is that compound interest table!!!

  4. Joel greenblatt ruined his uhhh talk saying uhhhh every uhh other uhhh word jesus christ learn how to public speak uhhh

  5. after 15 years in investing, still everytime i hear Joel I learn something. Truely great. Although he has repeated a lot of his stuff.

  6. Joel Greenblatt definitely knows his stuff. He has a deep understanding of how the stock market works. Despite the obvious "uh"s, this talk does share some truly valuable insights. Thanks!

  7. This, uuuuhhh, talk was truly, truly, uuuuhhhh, truly amazing with great lessons, and uuuuhhhh, insights, really did, uuuhhhh, appreciate Joe-Joel, uuuhhhh, Greenblatt giving this amazing lecture.

  8. uhhhhhhhhh

    Good talk, but that was hard as hell to listen to.

    Joel should check out Julian Treasure's "How to speak so people want to listen" talk to drop all those disfluencies

  9. I tried to soldier through most of the presentation. Frankly found it quite jaded. Not very engaging presenter. The Q&A was so confusing. should I buy apple or not – Be clear god dammit

    my review of the book, brilliant book!

  11. This is just superb, been searching for "market sentiment" for a while now, and I think this has helped. You ever tried – Piyatthew Forexify Trends – (do a search on google ) ? Ive heard some interesting things about it and my friend got cool success with it.

  12. He is one tremendous fund manager.His mannerisms are just no concern.Built an excel with that formula.You wont lose money unless you are cretin.

  13. the uhhhh actually gets better and he got good info in here. The uhhh….i wonder if it is a condition he has. If it is, then I think he's a brave man.

  14. I uuuhhhh can't tolerate the uuuhhhhh beyond the 3:55 mark. Better off reading this guy than hearing him.

  15. Awesome video! I am skeptical, I looked at the Gotham Capital website, his funds have been underperforming through this bull-market. I don't think any of the 3 I saw advertised have beaten the market.

  16. Really appreciate the great video- One caveat, his method is good but it does take a lot of learning, discipline, and time. Valuing spin-offs and special situations are not easy- You have to be always reading and learning. Finally, when the opportunity comes, you can make the investment and make good profits. Again, his methods are excellent but just remember that it is not easy. You need to grind it out. Following his book, I do look for spin-offs but I am still not comfortable investing in them. But soon I will have a better understanding and higher comfort level.

  17. I edited the audio and removed all the "uuuugh's". I've read all of Joel Greenblatt's book and I think he's an amazing investor. I edited the audio and posted it publicly because I want as many people as possible to learn from him.

  18. This man is really smart… he is an underrated financial genius. I'm gonna use his books to make some 💰 💰

  19. Great analysis on Apple. Above average company at half price of the market so most likely undervalued. Smarty guy

  20. This video is…UGGHHHH.. informative…but…. UGGGGGHHHH… also kind of annoying… UGGGHHH… thanks for the upload.

  21. This is a great man – an elite investor who has shared his valuable knowledge and experience with many – an excellent teacher. Thanks to Google and Saurabh for sharing such valuable insights.

  22. Come On!! Are you telling me that Google (Alphabet) doesn't have a software Engineer that can write an Algorithm to remove all of Joel's "UUUHHHHs" from this video. I had to turn it off after 5 minutes.
    People…we have Facial Recognition software…HFT algorithms…BUT NO uuuhhh or uuummm detection and removal software.
    I think there's $$$ to be made here.

  23. 44:09 "I think Apple is cheap, relative to other choices right now." Apr. 2017 Apple was traded at $143 area.
    Now Oct 2019 $246.58

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