Interview with Content Marketing Rock Star Sonia Simone

copy blogger started a little over 10
years ago actually as of one person blog it was founded by my business partners
name is brian clark and you know he started the same way everybody starts a
blog with you know to readers his own email address and his second email
address the name comes from that intersection between blogging which is
now social media or you know the social web and copywriting so actually
persuasion writing with an intention to get somebody to do something it could be
making a sale it could be getting somebody to take a certain political
action were sign up for an email list and he was just interested in exploring
that intersection for himself he was an attorney and gave that up because he
just really didn’t enjoy it started a real estate practice that given more
freedom you didn’t particularly enjoy that either but a lot of those early
ideas from Copyblogger came out of what he was doing with his real estate
practice and so he was living it he was doing it but also like a lot of
attorneys he was a closet fiction writer and a closet screenwriter he loved words
and literature and language and had a you know a facility with those and he
realized he was gonna be able to use an interest in a gift for language and
writing to actually do something very pragmatic and also very useful he kind
of applied everything he learned to his own blog is starting to grow it started
to grow really rapidly and within a couple of years it was massive massive
influential blog on the topic of at that time using blogging 24 business the term
content marketing didn’t even really exist when he founded the blog and he
was a heritage at that time it was absolutely reticle that blogging this
pure sacrosanct you know medium of blogging could be used for business and
now of course it’s so mainstream and and and accepted and and an ordinary i
started off as a reader i was a fan you know I found it very useful i had a
full-time corporate content marketing job I didn’t know that’s what it was
again we didn’t use that term but I had a team most producing you know hundreds
and hundreds of pages of content for customers and the ideas and Copyblogger
were really helpful for me and so I was a fangirl and you know fangirled on
Copyblogger for a while I started to get involved we started to do some projects
together and eventually we came together and co-founded into business with some
other business partners content marketing is is fascinating you know
even the term itself is pretty new it’s a new term to describe an old behavior
and I think that it’s become much more self-aware and self-conscious and
probably more strategic you know people are starting to really understand that
there are repeatable provable strategies that tend to work better and also i
think people are getting smarter about the need for real talent for talented
writers talented videographers talented podcasters as opposed to just shoving a
bunch of keywords and something and helping floats I think the two really crucial elements
are one is that spark that creative spark you have to have some craft and i
always recommend to people you know go ahead and take that screenwriting
class go ahead and do a poetry class anything creative that you do with your
craft will show up professionally so the first is a commitment to craft and and
talent and ability and then the second is business strategy understanding what
it is that causes people to move along a path to purchase and really getting
being able to think about those things strategically without giving up here
your spark so it’s really the two sides sometimes we say it’s the killer and the
poet that’s an old line from David Ogilvy is
one of the great masters of advertising you’ve got a poet but you’ve also got a
little bit of that strategic killer instinct this course really was designed to help
people who have that interest in language or creating content video
content text content audio content and they want to become more professional
about it they want to learn the strategies they want to understand how
different kinds of content go together to serve a business purpose because it’s
more than just being talented and it’s more than just being bright there really
is a strategy is a strategic framework that you can learn that anybody taking
this course can learn and it will make your content so much more effective it’s not a Creative Writing course so if
you have a reasonable degree of confidence about your abilities most
people go into this do most people go into content marketing say you know I
like to write a decent writer I feel pretty comfortable with it but I’m not
quite sure held pieces fit together and I maybe don’t have the confidence to go
to a company and position myself as i’m content marketer I understand content
marketing strategy that confidence and of course the knowledge and the skills
are really on what this course would be able to to give students yeah

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