How to Mirror Screen without Usb cable & Internet | Wireless Screen Casting | PC to Mobile

Hello friends, This is Ranjit and welcome you all to Tech-Knowledge. Today I am going to show you how you can turn your Android mobile or tablet Into a secondary display of your laptop or desktop Wirelessly, but without internet connection So without doing any further delay let’s start this video and let learn how to do it Step 1 open Google Play Store in your Android mobile or tablet and install spaceDesk from Play Store. Your mobile must have Android version 4.1 or above to run this app Step 2 Open web browser in your laptop or PC and type spacedesk in Google search box now click on the download Link and download the Spacedesk driver for your Windows laptop or PC According to your windows system type download 64-bit or 32-bit driver to know your system type right click on my computer or this PC And select properties and here you can see system type and before proceed please check the system requirements in detail link now install the downloaded driver in your windows PC, And After installation is finished restart your computer after Restart please check whether spacedesk driver is enabled or not If it shows spacedesk display driver off. They’ll make it on and allow to reboot Step 3 now open spacedesk in your Android mobile or tablet and Tap on the three dot on the top right corner and select settings then Resolution and set custom resolution according to the display resolution of your windows PC To see the display resolution of your windows PC right-Click on the desktop and click on display settings and then advanced display settings in Windows 10 in Windows 7 right-click on the desktop and then click on screen resolution Step 4 now activate hotspot in your Android mobile or tablet Generally hotspot option is located in Wireless and Networks under settings menu Tap on more settings then tethering and portable hotspot and here you can see portable Wi-Fi Hotspot now enable it the location of Hotspot option Varies in different mobile brands for example in MIUI 8 hotspot option is located Under settings then personal hotspot here you can see portable wlan hotspot You can also rename the hotspot and make it password-Protected by tapping on configure And then type the desired name And password for your Hotspots Step 5 Now enable Wi-Fi in your laptop if your desktop is not equipped with Wi-Fi receiver Then you can by Wi-Fi Network usb adapter from online or local retail store once Wi-Fi is enabled in your laptop or desktop search for hotspot Network and You can see the hotspot network of your Android mobile or tablet Now connect to the hotspot network and input the password of your mobile hotspot step 6 now open space disk in your mobile or Late and here. You can see your computer name with IP address Keep Auto networks such option checked and tap on connect button you are done now you can see your windows desktop in your mobile or tablet you can also make it an Extended display of your laptop or PC to do so right-click on the spacedesk icon in the status bar of windows and Click on the display settings then choose extend these displays from multiple display option and Apply it. I would also like to inform you that if spacedesk app in your mobile or tablet Doesn’t show any PC network address automatically then uncheck auto Network such option and Input the IP address of your PC To get the IP address of your PC right click on the Wi-Fi icon in the status bar then click on open network and sharing center here click on the Wi-Fi Network and then on the detail button in the wi-Fi status window a A new window opens and here you can see IP version 4 address Just type this address in the network address box or spacedesk app in your mobile and tap on connect hope I have been able to describe the step-by-step procedures of turning and Android mobile or tablet Into an extended and secondary display of your PC if you have learned a little from this video then please like this video Please subscribe my channel and motivate me to make such tech related videos for you If you have any query or feedback then please write in the comment section Thank you for watching this video and hope to see you soon again in my next video

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  1. The vedio is no doubt amazing with its well made process. But what's about without internet ? It requires internet. Is there any way without internet actually . My query is both for this process and its reverse process (controlling android with pc). I seek for a appropriate ans.

  2. This is awesome, thank you my brother, can u share with us an inverse way control of android via a Pc without USB cable or Internet?

  3. High size is 1440×720 I need 1360×768(not 1360×720) , some game screen do not work for resolution. Make personal download site to publish video's apps

  4. Dear Admin , How about iphone ? How to connect multiple windows with iPhone .. my iOS is 12.1.1 and please reply me sir 🙂 Have a good times 🙂

  5. Man! You're good. I love your presentation. So easy to follow. I'm from Ghana and I'll love to learn from you.

  6. Your video is superb but I want to cast my pc to mobile and I wanna use surf and show all internet services of pc into mobile. Your video is connecting to hotspot via the software but we cant use internet services on our pc and show it . Can we??

  7. I would like to know if Spacedesk can be installed on Smart TV but I was informed that you would have to download an apk file first.Please advise me on what I need to do next? Do I Ned to type in the IP address of my Smart TV? Thank you!

  8. Hi. Excuse me, does anyone know exactly what to do when the "Duet Display splashtop cool logic error, Driver Driver- Icompatible Display hook driver" error occurs? Thank you

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