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Hey, guys! When thinking about what video
to make this week, I had this idea. All of us, at some point in our lives,
would’ve gone to the internet shop. So, what sort of customers visit
the internet shops is the idea of today’s video! Got a cabin?
– Yes, we do. I want a free cabin.
– Cabin’s aren’t free. You’ve to pay. I mean, it should be free of people
and headsets are a must. We charge extra for headsets.
– That is no problem at all. You can take cabin number 1.
– Cabin 1? I want the last cabin. You’ll be charged extra for the last cabin too.
– Fine! I’ll pay! Cool!
Take the last cabin then. Nice no one is around.
Hope no one comes around. Why can’t I access any videos? Did PM Modi ban this too? Come what may,
I’ll have to watch a video atleast. Refresh!
Refresh.. ‘What is he upto?’ What are you upto?
You are damaging the keyboard. At home, my parents are around.
In the bathroom, the signal is weak. Where else should I go?
– Bathroom? Now I get why you wanted the last cabin.
You better get out right now. Just give me 5 minutes. Please..
– Get out right now! Get out! Get out!
Right now! Wait there! Pay me up.
– What for? I didn’t watch a thing. Still, you used the system
and also, you damaged the keyboard. Screw you! Here you go.
– What an idiot! Is there a cabin available?
– No. Cauliflowers are available. Want some? You are pulling my leg since I frequent here.
– That is not the reason. I wonder what you do hours together in a cabin.
– Why do you care? The earphones aren’t working.
– ‘I know.’ I placed an order for a new one.
It’ll get delivered by tomorrow. It is so hot in here. Isn’t the AC working?
– ‘And who’d pay the electricity bill?’ The AC, sort of, broke down.
I’ll get it fixed though. Yeah, you should. The internet speed is so slow. Do something.
– ‘You expect 1GBPS speed for mere Rs. 10 you pay?’ Refresh the page you are on. It should work.
– Refresh? Alright. Nothing seems to work. Now, even the system
has hanged up. My mobile is anyday better. What is your problem? You say your phone
is better than my system? Your phone only costs Rs. 7000
while my system costs Rs. 20000. Each day, tonnes of people like you
come and spoil the systems here. For the Rs. 10 you pay, this system
is the most you’d get. Use it or get out. And keep your complaints
to yourself. Can I expect high quality print outs here?
– Yes, you can. I replaced the old cartridge today. I don’t want it to be too thick.
It should be clean and crisp! As you wish. The bill is Rs. 165.
Are you trying to scam me? If I wanted to, I’d have charged Rs. 1065.
– In Ameerpet, I’d have got this done at half the price. The rates at different parts of the city are different.
You should’ve gone to Ameerpet. What a pain you are.
– Those are my words. Get out. That guy’s time is up.
Hey, kiddo, your time of 1 hour is done. I’ll need another hour. Why isn’t this working again?
– Excuse me, we need a cabin. There is only cabin available.
– Even we need just one cabin. Well, that cabin is too tiny.
– That is exactly what we need. Sure, here is the cabin. What for they need a tiny cabin? What are you upto?
– We still got time. You don’t want me to upload the nonsense
that you just did on the internet, do you? What nonsense were we upto?
– Can’t you see the CCTV cameras, you dumbos? Until today, the Metro station’s clip was viral.
Now, this clip will go viral. I didn’t want to come here.
He forced me here. You ruined all my hard work.
Parks and other places are ruled out. Because of neighbours, even my place is ruled out.
And at internet cafes, people like you are around. Hell with you
and your internet shop. These people never change. You will delete that footage, won’t you?
– Not if I spot you around here ever again. Now, get out of here. I’ve to take a print out, real quick.
– Please wait for 5 minutes. No, I can’t. I’m in a rush.
– Alright, tell me your mail ID. [email protected]
– And the password? Well, give me the keyboard. I’ll type.
– The keyboard is fixed here. So, tell me the password. Well, the password is
‘Shakalakaboomboom’. This will take about 2 minutes. Hurry up, will you?
– Can’t you see that I am? Take it easy. I’m doing it as fast as I can.
– If you take so long for prints, you’ll lose customers. Money, please. Wait up!
– What is it? You are in such a rush that you forgot
to put your pants on. Kiddo, aren’t you done yet?
It’s time for lunch. I’ll be shutting the shop. I’ll need another hour’s time.
– Hurry up. Hello! I need a print out.
– Sure. Tell me your mail address. I don’t think you know whom you are talking to.
I’m a bigshot in my neighbourhood. Anybody in my neighbourhood knows my address.
Anyways, it is House No – 5/4 Chudi Bazaar, Charminar! Sir, I was asking for your mail ID.
– Yes, I gave you my mailing address. I need your mail ID, not the mailing address.
– Don’t ask me all that crap. Here is my phone.
See if you can find anything. Anyways, also give me a Ration Card.
– We can’t provide you with Ration Cards. We can arrange for Aadhar Cards though.
– You’ve tonnes of computers in this place. But, what is the point
if you can’t even give me a Ration Card? Sir, I..
– Forget it. You know nothing. Wait! My dad says resumes
are a must to apply for jobs. So, please, make me a resume.
– You still haven’t found a job? What! How old do you think I am?
I just graduated the other day. By other day, I mean the day
when India won the world cup. You mean you graduated in..
– In the year 2011. Alright.
What are your strengths? My biggest strength is that
I bottoms-up every bottle of beer. And what is your weakness?
– Same thing. I bottoms-up every bottle of beer. Atleast, tell me if you got any prior experiences.
– I have had loads of experiences till date. Let me tell you a few.
One, no one can jump over walls better than me. Two, I’m the biggest
girl magnet around. I’m sorry, sir, but I can’t make you a resume.
– What nonsense! You’ve so many computers, yet,
you can’t make me a Ration Card or a resume. I feel I should open my own internet shop.
You know nothing. Dad, let’s open up an internet shop.
– I suggest you open up a wine shop. Kiddo, you’ve been here since morning.
It is night and it is closing time. Please, leave now.
– I need just one more hour. Another hour?
What are you doing anyway? My mom got our internet subscription cancelled
as I was playing a lot of PUBG. You too play PUBG?
You should’ve told me! Give me your ID. There is a drop, around south west.
– Yeah, I’ll go loot it. Get down. I’m behind you.
– He is shooting at us. You better look behind! I’ve bought the car.
Get in! Greetings, people!
I hope you all could relate with this video. In case, you did, do like, share, comment
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  1. Namastey people…wassup
    So here is our take on types of customers at internet shop, so meru andaru kuda connect aitharu ani anukuntunam πŸ™‚
    Do let us know in the comment section 😎

  2. Ada yemi choodaledhu I asked in 1998 when internet shops opened
    For one system we went 5 people πŸ˜ƒπŸ˜ƒπŸ˜ƒπŸ˜ƒ

  3. Hi meru super ga acting chesunaru
    Please naku massage reply cheyava
    Annaya me shows kosam nenu free fire Hadadam Ledu akkaya😍

  4. Episode is good..just dont encourage that pubg video game..it does more harm than good especially for young kids..

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