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What is email marketing and what comes under it should I do email marketing for my business is email marketing is a good and cheap tool to use or it is dead today we gonna to learn introduction of email marketing this series consist of 3 video first is introduction,second deep information about email marketing try to understand tools and tricks and third is we do practical using mail chimp.I personally like mail chimp,if you like something else then do comment me today I will shoot only one video and not the full series first email marketing is dead or not most of the time we think email marketing is dead,its no use gmail consists of three promotion,one is inbox other is promotion,all mails go to spam and all that but still if we see that most of the mails comes in promotion and we still open it first is what is marketing? marketing means we need to communicate your target audience a massage. our phone is launching,our institute is launching when it’s launching all these we can communicate via marketing and we can do marketing in many ways and if I do a email marketing then it comes under email marketing and in email marketing if you take mail chimp so in starting is free you can send it to 1500 people if your customer base is of 1500 then now mail chimp free limit is 1500 may be it change in future if your customer base is of 1500 then then you can do marketing for free whis is what we gonna to send on email marketing we send promotion changes,thank you if they purchased your product new product launch and discount offer mails you can send if you become my affiliate partner then you will get this and that if new year is arriving then you can send the wishes anniversary wishes basically we do relationship marketing the best way is this.

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  1. Brother Mail apn ap Kaise send hoti h
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  2. Hello sir
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  7. Love, Love, Love this video, creating content can be so hard, and certainly something I find though, but you knocked it out the park with this video. awesome job, keep up the great work.

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