Digital Marketing Trends For 2019 (5 Trends To Implement in 2019)

Brandi: 00:00 Do you have an online business
and are you ready to grow your email list, your sales and your client roster in 2019
if that’s you, stick around because I’m going to share the five digital marketing trends
for 2019 that you should be using in order to grow, grow, and grow
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Tuesday and Thursday when I bring you a new, a brand new episode of the Brandi and Co Show. If you’re ready to take your digital marketing
strategies to the next level in 2019, these are the five trends you’re going to want to
focus on to take it up a notch. By the end of this video, you are going to
know what strategies to implement in your online business and I know they’re going to
work because I’ve been using them with my clients and they are killing it. Brandi: 01:10 Okay, so digital marketing trend
one, this is video is king. Video is everything. Clearly we’re on video right now, but every
social media platform, once video, people want video. You have youtube, you have facebook lives,
you have instagram lives, you have instagram stories, you have IGTV, twitter is preferring
video. The facebook algorithm prefers video. Even pinterest is now going to video, so what
does that mean for you? You need video and so there’s a ton of ways
that you can repurpose your video and use them across the platforms, but the important
thing is you have video. It doesn’t matter if it’s done from your iphone
or it’s super professionally done. Actually on facebook. We’re seeing better results with people just
doing video on their iphone and then using that as a facebook ad or doing lives and everyone
loves how personable instagram lives are, so don’t think you have to have anything fancy. The important thing is you have video
Brandi: 02:22 trend two trend two is all about you. It’s about being personal. You need to personalize, personalize, personalize. That not only means like personalizing each
email that goes out with their name, but also what does that person in light. So if you have an email list and they’re purchasing
baby shower things, you don’t want to send them an email about wedding, chances are they’ve
already done that and so you need to personalize your emails. You need to personalize your brand and you
need to put a face to that brand. And so some easy ways you can do this is get
on IGTV and put your face out there or on instagram. If someone had you as a follower, make sure
to send them a personalized message back. I know that may be hard, but if you have a
lot of people following you every day, but believe me, it goes a long, long way. So in 2019, if you want to grow a true following
of loyal customers and a tribe, you need to be personalizing topics specifically for them. And you need to be you
Brandi: 03:37 Trend 3. Okay This one is chat bots. Chat bots are taking over and they’ve been
taking over in a very short time. So in 2019 you’re going to want to tap into
chatbots in some way. And so right now if you’ve interacted with
a chatbot before, go on or a messenger Bot, they’re the same thing go on and put it in
the comments chatbot so I can see and we can all see who’s actually interacted with them
already. And so some people are so scared of chatbots
because they don’t think they’re very personalized. But that’s the thing. They can be very, very personalized. One of my favorite chatbots is Amy Porterfield’s. Hers makes me feel like it’s hard talking
to me. So if you need a good example of a chatbot
going and check hers out. But also chatbots are opened more than email. So I was just reading a stat that said that
chat bots have about an 80 percent open rate where emails like a good one’s 30 percent
open rate. So get on chat bots because it’s instant. You don’t have much competition right now. And I have a feeling that the competition
is going go up in 2019. So jump on it early because there’s way less
competition with chatbots than there is in someone’s inbox and personalize it. It doesn’t want to sound like a robot and
it doesn’t have to Brandi: 05:09 trend four, okay, you may not
like me very much for this one, but it’s going to be a pay to play year and so is going to
be harder and harder to organically grow your traffic without some type of paid marketing
and so that’s facebook, instagram, promoted pins and so that’s pinterest advertising and
so you’re going to have to probably pay to play if you want to grow at a higher speed
because it is going to get much, much harder to grow organically on social media this year,
and I think we’ve all been seeing that previous years and so it’s only going get harder and
Pinterest is lining up to go public early 2019. So they’re really focusing on promoted and
my clients have been getting some amazing results. Now all these platforms are not where you
should be running them all for everyone. So where are your clients hanging out? Brandi: 06:07 Are they on facebook? Are they on instagram? Are they on pinterest? You don’t need to necessarily be running ads
on all of them, but you do need to be running ads where your clients are and so one of my
clients is having great results with promoted pins and she’s in the food niche and then
one of my clients is a local business owner. He’s having amazing results with facebook
ads, so knowing where your clients are and that’s where you’re promoting and so they
can be super, super overwhelming all ads, so if it’s not your thing, hired out, take
a course, learn a little bit, but don’t think you have to do it yourself. There’s so many people out there to help you
with advertising to keep the costs down. Also, I’ve created a facebook ad swipe file
guide for creative, so if you need help stopping that, scroll with your graphics for Facebook
ads in the description I have linked it, and so you can go on and grab that free guide. There’s 28 high converting ads that will stop
the scroll every time so you can use those for inspiration, but you are going to have
to pay to play if you want to grow really fast in 2019. Brandi: 07:25 Okay. Trend Five. Trend five is social listening. This is going to be so crucial in 2019 when
you’re deciding what products you are going to sell, what courses you’re going to create,
or just what value you’re going to add to your niche, and so it’s super important to
make sure that you are reading comments that people leave on social media. You’re going to groups where your clients
are or your tribe and reading, what feedback they’re giving and so spending each week time
doing this is going to give you more concrete answers on what people want. Now, that way you’re not wasting time creating
content that no one’s looking for, but you’re creating content that matters. That’s going convert, and so more and more
people are expressing what they want on social media and they’re going to social media to
find it. And so it is so important that you were reading
comments that you are paying attention to what people are looking for so you don’t waste
your time and you’re delivering quality content that people want. Brandi: 08:39 So that’s your trend. Five for 2019. Okay, so now you know the five digital marketing
trends for 2019 for your online business. Now it’s time to start implementing them. Like I said, go on and download my facebook
ads swipe files for creatives. The link is in the description so that will
help you get started on your facebook ads. They can also be used for instagram ads. And then I want you to leave in the comment
which trend you’re going to implement first because remember, you don’t have to implement
them all but you do want to implement some things, so go on and posted in the comments
right now which trend you’re going to implement or which trend you’re most excited about. Also, don’t forget if you liked this video,
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  1. Thanks for watching! What digital marketing trend do you plan to implement in 2019 for your online business? What are your 2019 digital marketing goals? And what trend are you most excited about? Comment below 🙂

  2. Thanks for the Promoted Pins reminder! Pinterest gives me the most traffic to my blog so I think it's time to think about 'pay-to-play.'

  3. Fun stuff, Brandi. You're so cute! What is your business?

    Personally, I do NOT like it when people send me a thank you DM for following them, watching their story, or liking something. It seems stalkerish to me to go to a DIFFERENT space (the DMs) to address another action.

  4. Great tips – love the Social Listening one. This is key no matter what business you are in – listen to what your clients/customers/potential customers are saying.

  5. These are great tips! I didn't know anything about chatbots. I'm really going to have to learn about this! Great vid 🙂

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