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I studied marketing at university
well they didn’t teach me anything about online marketing but as soon as I
graduated that’s pretty much all I did I studied marketing it was a very
popular course but there’s not many jobs in marketing and so I ended up in sales
and most people who study marketing end up in sales and what I’m sitting in a
sales office with no customers and no one wants to give me any leads cuz I’m
new at the job I started to study digital marketing in SEO and I learned
that the best salespeople had the best leads and so if I could control the lead
generation and I could get more sales than anyone else and I was very
competitive I still am I started my career in Phuket Thailand so Phuket
Thailand is seasonal sitting there in the middle of like monsoon season it was
raining outside and all I had in the office was me in a laptop by the time
high season came around I had about five months lead time we’ve got the website
the developer I was working forward to the number one on Google for property
investment Phuket we sold 96 pool villas within one high season Google updates
its algorithm the websites that I’d optimized went from page one to page one
hundred right right because the algorithm updated what I was doing no
longer didn’t work it could get you blacklisted
so a lot of what I’m going to talk about today is not taking shortcuts with
digital marketing because at the start when things are very immature there’s
all these little hacks and everyone’s looking for this like quick way to gain
an edge at the moment it’s things like buying followers or algorithm hacks and
what happens is because the platforms want to give their users a good
experience they’re going to get smarter just like Google has and eventually they
will give the consumer the experience that they they once so when I arrived in
Hong Kong I had all these high expectations on me I decided that I
would learn about Google advertising as a way to fulfill the expectations that
were placed upon me and at the time it wasn’t very competitive it wasn’t very
expensive so I got extremely good at Google Adwords later on when social
media came out AdWords becoming more in competitive pensive when things become
more competitive they do become more expensive and I was looking at Facebook
and I was thinking there’s no way I’m gonna make money out of this when I
discovered LinkedIn I decided that it was a platform for me purely because
it’s in a business-to-business context I could contact ten prospects have six
phone calls four meetings and make one say
that was the conversion rate I got the first week I tried LinkedIn and as a
sales person I was like I don’t get cool awesome next week I’m going to do 10
prospects made to sales but they were always a high-value sales so I was
focusing on plastic surgeons right they were the most high value clients you can
possibly get in digital marketing I couldn’t reach them through
door-knocking because the practice manager couldn’t reach them through cold
calling so the practice manager LinkedIn I could reach them three years ago two
years ago I think it was on LinkedIn it became more of a Content platform so
Dave you know you could only publish articles before that and it wasn’t much
long before that were only 200 people could publish articles and then they
introduced video to the platform and what’s happened in the last 12 months
alone is the amount of time that people are spending on LinkedIn has tripled
it’s got up three times the user sessions the people are spending on
there so it makes a huge difference you think about the amount of attention
that’s on there so six hundred and thirty five million members on LinkedIn
which is a lot and it’s growing at two members every second the amount of time
they’re spending on there has increased substantially as well
what do you think is happening with Facebook at the moment jacking usage is
increasing or decreasing yeah it’s just this is the first year it’s decreased
what’s very interesting to me though is that it’s decreased more with the
younger guys so that’s an indication isn’t it that it’s going to continue to
decrease if nothing changes having said that Facebook or an Instagram
what’s happening on Instagram increasing or decreasing it’s increasing here the
biggest thing with being a see by the way while we’re on this is micro
influencers Sarah and know what I’m talking about
I’ve got a few bang looks so influencer marketing it’s matured at the high end
with all the celebrity type influences with over a million followers and if
anything that’s overpriced what’s happening now is this resurgence of all
these micro influencers and from a B to beatsie perspective is extremely
underpriced if you’re in business have been business I want you to take away
this one tip like if you’re in business to consumer micro influencers is what
you need to remember today and if your business of business what you need to
remember is LinkedIn so for next year there’s a lot that’s going to change in
a social media industry and I’m not just saying there but let’s say that every
year the number of searches by voice is going
to overtake the number of people typing in searches it’s going to be questions
and answers isn’t it and actually the websites that are ranked really well on
Google are going to have less text not more text like we’ve been told to do by
SEO companies and stuff flips crab and key words in there Google’s not going to
want to show those websites as all they want to show synced Q&A type content if
you ever search how to do anything on Google you’ll find that the rich snippet
at the top is generally a step by step instruction that’s why there’s so many
lists out there five ways to do this or five steps to do that that’s what’s
Google’s looking for this is not a talk about search engine optimization by the
way just giving you some context content marketing is really what we’re talking
about here it’s having conversations at scale I was talking to a somebody that
came along to this talk that we did about a month ago this morning and I
said to him I had 1500 notifications on social media when I woke up this morning
that used to overwhelm that used to overwhelm this shit out of me but I’m
used to it now I can’t imagine what somebody like Gary Vaynerchuk must feel
when he wakes up he would have he would have half a million notifications easily
crazy he’s got a team of 30 but that’s not that many for the amount of
attention that he’s getting there’s never been a time in history where you
can literally reach that amount of people at scale without investing a
dollar you’ve just got to be really good really
creative so what’s interesting to me is why aren’t people taking advantage of
this opportunity like who is in this room just out of curiosity posting
content on a daily basis and so the people that aren’t posting daily I’m
curious what is the reason behind that if you’re here to get more customers and
you want to build a brand how come you’re not posting and I think it is
because they don’t know what works but it’s interesting because you find out
what works by posting and you’ll get also hosts on a daily basis that we think we
don’t have another so we may put something together once a week yeah you
say that to me I think that you you’re not thinking about the audience because
as long as the audience has problems that you solve problem you questions or
they’ve got problems that are coming to you with then you should have content to
talk about and if they don’t have problems they’re coming to you with then
maybe maybe not in the right business so they should do and it’s about them and
your solution right doesn’t have any value without the problem that it solves
without the problem that your potential client has who cares about your solution
doesn’t matter so what a mistake that a lot of business owners or marketers make
is they talk about their solution and they don’t spend enough time on the
problem because that’s where the value is the only reason someone buy something
from you is because they think that what you offer is worth more than the problem
they have and so you’ve got just like you know communicate that you understand
and have empathy for what the problem is it’s really important you could write a
whole article 700 words about the problem you don’t have to say anything
about the solution if you define the problem better than the potential
customer can they will assume neurologically that you have the

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