Common Content Marketing Challenges And How To Overcome Them

Hi, I’m Jen, and I’m a Content Marketing Executive
at Koozai. Content marketers are faced with challenges on a daily basis, and this video
looks at a few of the obstacles and how best to overcome them. The role of a content marketer has got some
different elements. It not only involves research, ideation, it’s creating content that works,
promoting and outreach, and ensuring this content gets seen by the right pairs of eyes.
So let’s break it down in a bit more detail. Being an effective brand ambassador. Content
marketers are passed a very privileged and powerful responsibility of becoming an extension
of a particular brand, so to help with this, it’s important to know the brand inside out.
Within this you have: the ethos; the history of the brand; any publicity, both negative
or positive can help when it comes to your content marketing efforts; then about the
founders of the brand, the trustees, where that brand’s heading. All of this will help
you become an effective brand voice and create content marketing goals which not only fit
in with the brand, but they facilitate the entire SEO process. So knowing your brand
inside out is really crucial. Strategising. It’s really easy when a client
comes on board to get really excited about a particular content marketing idea, a piece
of content and what you’re going to do with it, and get completely blinkered on that and
not really think more of the overall goals and the overall picture. So strategy is really,
really important. Whilst it’s really, really important to come up with these creative ideas,
it does need to have a tailored strategy behind it. So when coming up with a tailored content
marketing strategy, address which content type will be created, whether this is an infographic,
a survey, a quiz. Depending on your client’s overall goals, it’s important to consider
all the different types of content and which one you think would best suit those aims. What is the goal for that content? Again,
looking at the tailored content marketing plan and considering the client’s overall
goals. Who is the intended audience for that content? That works for content and outreach,
so it’s important to see, to identify, who you’re targeting and who you’re also looking
to outreach to. How will this content be produced? Will it
be a one page infographic? Will it be a quiz? Will it be a big blog post? How will it actually
work? How will this be promoted? Is it owned, earned, paid media? How are you actually going
to get this content out there and seen by the right pairs of eyes? And again, where
will it be marketed and where do you see this being published? These questions need to be answered right
at the get-go. So it’s important to kind of identify these, get those answered, as a way
to put together your tailored content marketing strategy. Being an effective storyteller. The ability
to outreach out to key industry influencers, publishers, and people relevant within that
industry or niche is really crucial when it comes to content marketing. You need to be
able to have the confidence to pick up the phone, sell an idea to a journalist, a PR
professional, or an industry influencer with confidence. So be excited about the content
that you’re producing. After all, this is your end product. It’s backed up by strategy.
It’s all of your work, so sell it. Be excited. Sell the content’s offering to whoever’s on
the end of the phone. Talk about the positives, how the content’s unique. Those kinds of approaches
are what’s going to make the difference when it comes to outreach and promoting the content
that you produce. Flexibility. Whilst content marketing plans
are backed up by an overall strategy and tie in with the client’s goals, it’s inevitable
that change will happen. This could be for lots of different reasons. It could be a breaking
news story. It could be it’s hype on social media within that industry. It could be an
amendment to a press release at last minute. It could be a world event that happens to
reflect the client and reflect the content that you’re producing. So content marketers
need to be able to react to these changes. Change is inevitable, and content marketers
need to react to given scenarios, sometimes at the last minute. So being completely flexible
and wide open to these potential changes is really important when it comes to content
marketing. So there you have it, a few content marketing
challenges and how best to overcome them. For more information about any of these and
some more tips, check out my blog post, which is below this video, and yeah, I hope you
found this very useful.

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