Can Digital Marketing Replace Traditional Marketing?

think of a business that’s doing super
well that has no online presence I can’t think of any I see
digital marketing as an evolution of physical marketing so to me what was
once a billboard you know on the side of the highway is now a display ad at the
top of Google on a popular search term the longer it’s going on the more
presence digital marketing has had and it means more anyone’s going to drive
past a billboard ad you know you’re not going to be able to fine tune the
particular type of customer you want whereas with digital and display ads
you’re able to pick who you want to see those ads that persona what they’re into
their buying habits you can even remark it to them which we have a video on in
the description below there’s so much more than a business can track these
days with digital marketing compared to traditional marketing back in the day
you know 15 20 years ago you put an ad in the yellow pages or in the newspaper
and you’d never really know how many people even saw your ads let alone if
they took action because of that how many times do you pick up a newspaper
and go oh well there’s something that I need write in that paper it’s more of a
convenience thing whereas if I’m looking for a product or service now on line
which is where most people are especially with everyone having a
smartphone it’s so much easier for you to be able to get reached not just that
that you can track everything that happens on your website as well through
different analytics tools so it’s it’s an interesting question there’s a cool
quote that I like to say to people about this we should no longer be talking
about digital marketing but marketing in a digital world comment below if you
know who that quote was by traditional marketing is simply digital marketing
and digital marketing is the evolution of traditional marketing so it won’t
replace it it’s just two sides of the same coin and so just like people are
asking now in the future is this new type of marketing going to replace our
current digital marketing and the answer is yes no and maybe can digital
marketing replace traditional marketing what you’re talking about so replace it
now am i enjoying digital marketing is more relevant for today traditional
marketing I think will always be around however it depends on your business
again if your business is for example in a small town not many people are using
the internet it may not be beneficial to you however if you’re in a city and
there’s heaps of competition it may be something you want to use I think that
they work great together they can work separately however if you
use them both together it’s going be fantastic for your business you

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