BTC Engineering Technology

Growing up I’ve always had the example my parents set and my grand parents set being very engineer and mathematics oriented I decided to go back to school after getting a degree in music and really learn those skills that will help me grow, start a family, be
supportive in my community I chose BTC because it offers skills
I can’t learn elsewhere It makes me more valuable in the job market
and when it is this competitive I need every edge I can get The engineering department at BTC offers students
a wide variety of options. So the students can come in and take these broad-based engineering technology courses and then they have the opportunity to decide what specialization is right for them The six specializations are Mechanical Design, Composites, Clean Energy, Electronics, Civil and Geomatics We have three state of the art computer labs, we’ve got a facility that we share with Western Washington University that
has a lot of equipment. There is research going on,
especially within clean energy I feel like I can trust the working professionals at Bellingham Technical College because they have made their career in the field
that they are teaching. These people are the people that would hire you The classes dig deep into the content, not
only are they learning theory, but they are also applying that theory and practicing that theory and when they leave Bellingham Technical College they are ready to jump in to a job There is a lot of aerospace industry, there
is a large manufacturing industry in Bellingham I’ve been very, very lucky to have so many
female roles who are so heavily involved in engineering, math, sciences I think women bring something to engineering that men don’t and I think society needs that. I see women just walk right into that role
and they are ready and they can go for it I don’t have to give them anything
because they already have it and I just encourage them and tell them
you’ve got it and you can do this (music)

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