Are you addicted to the Internet?

I don’t know how I feel about this being on the college website She’s not going on the college website I’ll be right back the SD
card is about to fill up And the SD card isn’t full So this isn’t actually a college video
This is documentary about Internet addiction And I was testing if you would go on your phone or not I picked up mine as soon as I walked in And she wasn’t the only one I will be right back
Yeah of course no worries that’s fine We decided to ask them a question Do you think you’re addicted to the Internet? Uhh Oh 100% Uh don’t know about the Internet but social media I want to say no but probably I feel like everyone’s addicted to the Internet in some way Oh my dude I’m just saying if my phone was here I would have gone on it 100% A new feature in iOS 12 is the ability to see how long you spend on
your phone each day We ask the participants to show us how long they spend on their phones And then we spoke to a psychology
teacher about the subject So there’s a psychological theory called operant conditioning which basically means that people are always kind of seeking out
things that give them rewards like positive reinforcement things that makes
them feel good And then we talked to a college counsellor What impact do you think mobile phones have had on social interaction? Massive absolutely huge there’s so much social interaction that is only on phones now and I think that that is neither a good thing nor a bad thing I think that lots of people going community online and they feel really connected to their friends And if they are out and they’re feeling
vulnerable they can contact someone these are all really good things I think
one of the main things is that you are never out contact and I think that that
is something that people don’t pay a lot of attention to and if you’re
experiencing bullying or your friends are excluding you out of whatsapp groups or people are messaging you stuff that you don’t want to hear It’s like you never escape it Some parts of society I think could have a problem I hope I mean off the top of my
head perhaps younger people Social media is probably the most addictive part of using the Internet in my opinion I was mentioning before about
like being reinforced and you know getting likes or followers or reposts or
anything like that those are the kinds of things that feel good you might
not even realise it’s making you feel good

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