AMD Simplified: AMD FreeSync™ Technology

54 thoughts on “AMD Simplified: AMD FreeSync™ Technology

  1. Looks promising.
    My Setup is entirely AMD. Not exactly the high end products, but still.. it's nice to see I may get access to new features.

  2. i am still waiting for display port 2.0 (correction 1.3) monitor with ips to come out and have this as standard. but what happens if those monitor are for example full hd 60hz monitor and the gpu makes 78fps in my game at the moment i use freesync, how can the monitor adapt to the higher refresh rate, when its limited to 60?

  3. G-Sync and FreeSync are just amazing.

    I'm glad that you and Nvidia are finally getting rid of that v-sync.

    I'll be ordering a FreeSync monitor soon, if I can find one in the UK.

  4. Oh c'mon. I'm neither AMD nor nVidia fan. I played Crysis on an old (I believe) 50 Hertz CRT and it didn't suffer of any shattering or tearing. And my current display doesn't need any GSync or FreeSync. I'm more than ok with the old VSync (since it works on any port, including DVI and HDMI, not just on display port).

    Somebody explain to me, why does FreeSync work only with display port? If it's really an evolution of VSync, it should work on any port. And how does FreeSync compare to an 120 Hertz monitor? Or does FreeSync come with 120 Hertz monitors?

  5. From what I saw at CES you guys must have hit a wall or made some terrible design decisions. If you go below or over the minimum or maximum refresh rate you get tearing. Below I understand but over? Really? I can use programs to cap my FPS but turning on V-Sync is not an option. It's the entire reason you'd look at something like Free-Sync. Some older games even require FPS to be higher for how the handle their hit reg and ticks.

  6. I hope FreeSync and GSync have compatibility each other (not sure if technically possible). Kinda sad when shopping for new monitor, but limited by some monitor have FreeSync or GSync, it's like choosing Z97 motherboard but want to use AMD FX processor. Open standard is good, hope NVIDIA dump GSync and adopt FreeSync

  7. Good stuff.  I haven't had any problems with tearing even with V-sync off most of the time, but syncing refresh rates from the monitor to the graphics card seems like a good idea that'll lead to a smoother experience.

  8. I'll wait until the R9 390X comes out. Hopefully the R9 390X is only $400 since I have to buy a new monitor AGAIN just for this adaptive crap.

  9. Is this feature based in the Driver itself? Or does it work only on the newest GFX Cards?
    As example, I have AMD Radeon 7800 HD series GF Card, and an AMD Phenom II X4 955 processor, running under Windows 7 64 bit system. Will the FreeSync be enabled in my machine? And what do I have to do to enable it?

  10. I like how AMD is always developing new features and technology for it's products, but they fall behind to Nvidia in terms of graphic cards because of their lack of hardware releases. Nvidia is ahead now with GTX 9xx series but i can't wait to see what AMD is goin' to bring us next. I believe Mantle did a great job as pushing forward API to the next level, and certainly DX 12 is taking something from them to be in pair and compete with.

  11. they cant even put out for sail whats the fucking hold up i was going to get 2 r9295x2 and  and a free seek but it looks like Nvidia and asus will be geting my 2400.00$ amd your being to slow and its tax funds are hear wen but you at i wus going form green to red but not naw Ben to fucking long you suck again

  12. First this isn't AMD, this is a VESA standard, secondly you don't need a freesync monitor, just a DP1.2a monitor.

    pS fuck G-Sync

  13. This a question for AMD, will you guys ever have virtualization on your CPU´s, I was forced to buy a new Intel laptop for android development, it realy sucked when I noticed AMD does not support virtualization.

  14. is this compatible with apu's? just like my amd a8-5600k apu? is this available now here in the Philippines? we love amd products 🙂

  15. lg27mu67 does not work with freesync and many others ,freesync is a smoke screen for gullible people most cases it does not work ,gsync as well ..

  16. AMD has only 86,820 subscribers? …Even those guys that make reviews about hardware have more subscribers than that…LIKE and subscribe AMD…

  17. The AMD Vega promotion recommended a Vega GPU with an Asus MX34VQ ultrawide, so I thought I'd go for 'team red' this time and get both the recommended monitor and the Vega 64 Liquid. Playing with Freesync On is so much fun that the strobing effect sometimes makes me feel like I'm at a rave, especially when it all of sudden makes me all confused, sleepy and dizzy and it's like I skip forwards in time a bit, so that must mean I've had a lot of fun. It also adds a great immersive 1910's film reel feel when playing Battlefield 1. So glad I poured my savings into this.

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