1,000 YEAR OLD FOOD MARKET! British Food Tour of Borough Market in LONDON

100 thoughts on “1,000 YEAR OLD FOOD MARKET! British Food Tour of Borough Market in LONDON

  1. Dude, wtf? You're from NY. Those Brick Lane bagel places can't hold a candle to the NY bagel/deli corned (salt) beef sandwiches. Give me a Katz's or Ben's deli sandwich over them any day of the week. I have yet to have a proper bagel since I've moved here.

  2. Mikey you have to do more London Food Tours I seen some awesome steak burger sandwiches with sausage and grilled cheese go back to London for me. shout out from San Diego love you dude 👌

  3. Wish I’d known you were over. Definitely Brick Lane next time… and maybe soho for cocktails? Adorable.

  4. That confit duck sandwich Is actually incredible I used to get it when in London, 10/10 for finding it and eating it! I dream about that sandwich at night!

  5. Yeah, I come from a desert /mountain area so rain is great ! Outside with face to the sky ! N.M. chile is perfect on day's like that . Yeah we spell it chile here ! Mmmm, duck !

  6. You gotta try pie mash and liquor next time your in town PS would have been nice to know the prices of the food Great upload thou.

  7. The salt beef sandwich…That is exactly how I like my corned beef to look. I think next time I make it I will get some great fresh bread from the bakery and make a sandwich.

  8. I love it when you go to foreign countries it’s so nice it feels like I’m traveling too so thank u so much for these cool experiences to see the world through a lense

  9. Meat pie, vegan pie, mashed potato, pork wrap, scotch egg, doughnut, doughnut, doughnut, doughnut, duck sandwich, cheese and potatoes in 2 hours….
    11:59 "I feel like I haven't eaten anything!"

  10. Id love to try one of those meat pies but theres something about the crust that makes me queasy and nauseous every single time and i dont know what. they look so good.

  11. the way you are describing the vegan pie, makes me believe it is not really vegan. if you use buttery as an adjective to describe the crust, than there is some dairy products in the crust. specifically butter. That is a no no in a vegan diet. No vegan uses buttery as an adjective to describe any of their foods.

  12. So that's 2 pies with mash and gravy, 1 huge pork wrap, a duck sandwich, 4 filled doughnuts and 2 salt beef bagels in one day! ! You're a machine!!!! 😂

  13. new Zealand has the best pies in the world Mince and cheese pie, steak and cheese pie bacon and egg pie steak and mushrooms pie best pie ever yum yum come to NEW ZEALAND MIKEY CHEN

  14. Don’t make the same mistake I did! Go in the morning, or at least at lunch, never nighttime!
    I remember I was in London on vacation recently with my family for two days. I went here and had no knowledge at all, other than knowing about the food from mike’s delicious video, so I went the night I arrived. I didn’t know that, the stalls close down and the pubs and bars open up. I was so disappointed, looking forward to fresh pastries like those donuts and amazing sausage rolls, the pie and mash place, and a lot of roasted meat. I think I cried that night 😭.

  15. Leaving london tomorrow, been here 8 days and are full! The food here is amazing, way better than I expected. Always heard bad stuff about the cusine here but it's not true. Everything about that market is true!

  16. Love your vids,but I have to eat whilst watching,at the moment it’s fish and chips with garlic bread,salt n pepper,lovely.

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